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NCJSC Membership Information:

Annual Dues: $60.00 USA    $72.00 Canada (US Dollars)    $84.00 International (US Dollars)

Please note: Applications for membership starting after January are prorated as of the date of application.  For details see the chart at the bottom of the membership form.


Membership Special!

Announcing our new member and returning member sign-up special!

Starting in August 2021, if you sign up for membership you will receive all the newsletters left for the remainder of 2021 and ALL of 2022! This means if you are a new member and sign up now you will receive September, October, November and December newsletters for free and all twelve issues for 2022! In addition you will receive the NTHK Novice course. The Novice Course is an introduction to sword history and kantei by none other than Yoshikawa Koen Sensei and was translated by Gordon Robson DRE. Besides an overview of major schools and artists it includes a guide to making your own oshigata, an excellent way to study your blades in depth. For returning members you will get the four months of newsletters plus all of next year.

So, new members can join now using the full membership PayPal button below, and receive the remainder of 2021 free!
To pay by check, use the pdf membership form and choose to join in December. You will receive the remainder of 2021 free.

To renew, or join for a FULL-YEAR, using a credit card or PayPal:

Full-year renewals and new memberships (January thru December):

Choose DOMESTIC, CANADA or INTERNATIONAL in dropdown menu at right.

Choose Membership Location

New full-year memberships receive a free copy of the NTHK Novice Course ( 228 pages, in English ) with their first issue.

To join midyear, or to pay by check:

Use this printable Membership Form (PDF), but choose December in the top row to receive the remainder of 2021 free!


Benefits to all members of the NCJSC:



12 monthly issues of the newsletter, To-Ron. Approximately 24 pages per month.


Materials published by the NCJSC are free to members, or available at cost.


Access to the NCJSC library materials.


New members currently receive a copy of the "NTHK Novice Course" with their membership.


Welcome to attend all meetings of the club, including Board of Directors meetings!


Opportunity to submit your Nihonto related items for publication in the To-Ron and this web site.


Local and visiting members also benefit from:


 Monthly meetings, held on the third Sunday of each month, in San Francisco.
bulletMeet other collectors
bulletView a dozen or more items brought in by members each month
bulletMonthly lecture or presentation
bulletView monthly kantei blade, and participate in the Kantei exercise, if you wish.


Getting involved with local club projects and shows.

Contact NCJSC